Bowtex® was started by a small group of two-wheel enthusiasts concerned about travelling in a safer way, without compromising on style and comfort.



Make the best gear possible

Our criteria for the best gear possible is oriented by the choice of materials: we want to build durable gear, extremily resistant and yet comfortable enough. We always aim for that sweet spot between comfort and safety, this is why we drag-test our product ourselves on top of having them certified in the lab. 

Make it local

We believe that business is not only about money but also about sharing common values. We are working hard towards implanting our activities entirely in Europe. 

We believe that local economy is also a key to have more control in the production line and a more sustainable business.

For riders by riders

We are riders and we listen to riders. Our gear is designed to embrace our life style. Customers feedback is always collected and taken into account and our product testers are therefore real riders.