FROM Concept  

It all started with a problem. How to ride with protection while still be able to wear the clothes that you love and that make you feel good, on and off the bike.

At the time, I was wearing ski leggings in winter so I was used to have an underlayer while riding. And I thought, what if those leggings could offer that protection I was looking for?

So I went searching. What type of fiber or fabric could be used in order to create this underlayer? Being a rider myself, I turned to aramid fibers, which are widely used in the industry.

I tried many different fibers and fabric, and finally settled on a knitted aramid fiber that would be used to construct the pants.

I then settled on another fabric, more rigid and stronger, one that would offer plenty of resistance against abrasion.

To Prototype

To Product

And that's what made these underlayers so special, the combination of a soft base layer, with a strong extra layer of protection.

Finally, we added pockets in order to fit lots of types of impact protectors.

In short, that's how the Bowtex leggings were born, and they sure resonated with a lot of riders facing the same problems.