Motorrad Mag Germany

« Although the thin, very dense fabric does not quite achieve the airflow of a mesh jacket, the Elite Shirt is nevertheless significantly more airy than any touring textile, no matter how sophisticated. Especially as the Bowtex base layer weighs just 1,270 grams with all protectors (including chest) » – Ferdinand Heinrich-Steige, Jens Kratschmar, Motorrad Mag 2023


« Given how lightweight and unobtrusive the Bowtex Elite is, it makes you wonder why some of the premium brands of textile kit are still only rated – in some cases – to Level A under EN17092. Under a typical textile bike jacket, the Bowtex Elite is barely noticeable, yet it adds significantly to the protection offered. » – John Milbank, march 2023


« It is sometimes tempting to leave your heavy biker gear behind for a for a short ride or because of the heat. But what about protection? That’s where Bowtex comes in. » – Yannick Leverd, avril 2023 (in French)

Motorcycle Gear Hub

« Bowtex has created its own specific demand for a Class AAA armored base-layer with its Elite shirt as no other competitor offers the full protective features of the Elite shirt. I wear the Bowtex Elite shirt for touring and long-distance riding because the shirt offers superlative compliance in a lightweight chassis that combines very well with any non-armored jacket. » – MGH, 2023

Best gear at the Salon du 2 Roues

« We can’t see it like that, but i’m ready to ride protected and yet I look casual”» – MotorLive, 2023 (in French)

Urban Rider

« The forefathers of the armoured baselayer are back and the product is better than ever. Bowtex produced the original aramid leggings way back in the day, and they quickly revolutionized the way we saw protective motorcycle gear, becoming one of the most popular products we have offered to date. No longer do you have to spend hours trying on different jeans for fit and comfort – you can throw your favourite pair on over these, and sacrifice neither style, nor protection » – Urban Rider, 2021

Rob, the founder at Success Stories

«Bowtex®, safer equipment without compromising your style » – Pierre Hermant @ Success Stories, LN24 (in French)

Man Cave Moto

« Bowtex Kevlar Leggings offer a way of wearing your favourite jeans or trousers on your motorcycle but still get abrasion and impact protection. Bowtex have now introduced not one, but two new versions the Essential and the higher-rated Standard R. The original leggings I reviewed back in 2017 were good, so are the new versions better? In this video, I take a look at their design and construction, as well as test them out on the road to see how they perform. The new Bowtex Kevlar leggings could be the perfect solution for many riders » – Tony @ The Man Cave, 2021


« Ride protected while wearing your favorite outfit: like many good ideas, the concept of rider equipment from the Brussels based company Bowtex is simple and clear. These are ultra technical underwear, as resistant as they are discreet (…) » -Nicolas Valeano for MotoHeroes, 2022


« If you saw the leggings, you would think they were much heavier, and maybe not even that comfortable. But it’s not true! Motorbike jeans are heavier, much less elastic and therefore less comfortable. Perfect for use in low temperatures and extremely high temperatures in summer. Very breathable. Well done Belgians » – Roland from RIJDMOTOR.NL

“Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find quality clothing for motorcyclists. These pants are so light that they are practically forgotten. It’s quite confusing at first…” – Motojournal, 2022


« The wearing comfort is great, as I I were wearing a pyjamas! But then, an extremely resistant pyjamas! On those few hot days before summer, the Standard is the freshest bliss! » – MotoRider, 2021

Carters Et Pistons

« We will now attack a regular pair of jeans and a Bowtex® leggings with a grinder and sees how it performs !  » – Thierry Dricot, 2021

Urban Rider (Essential)

« the Essential legging is the lighter product in the range – incredibly unobtrusive and flexible, you will truly forget you’re wearing them. Crafted from two separate layers, with key areas covered by 45% Aramid fiber; and 55% COOLMAX® fabric, and the rest of the garment made from a hard-wearing stretch polyamide, the leggings will upgrade whatever you’re wearing to a CE Level A approved bit of kit instantly » – Urban Rider, 2021

Le repaire des Motards

« They are super comfortable once put on, just like sports underwear. You absolutely don’t feel the inside seams, while  some motorcycle pants are unpleasant to wear because of oddly inside seams, especially at the level of the removable protectors. These are also very comfortable, whereas on many jeans, they are rather hard and bulky. This is important when you want to go to work while keeping your every day clothes, without inconvenience during the day » – Alexis Ferrant for Le Repaire des Motards, 2022

Moto 80

« In his life as a biker, Robert Souery often found himself in a situation where he wanted to ride safely and comfortably with his own clothes. In order not to compromise its protection, he will decide to create an independent protective layer. Bowtex® was born, with the aim of breaking the codes of equipment » – Laurent Cortvrindt for Moto80, 2021


« Who has not dreamed of motorcycle jeans that are light, robust and versatile at the same time? We may have just found this rare gem. Designed in Belgium and manufactured in Europe, the Bowtex® Standard R is both lighter and more flexible than jeans of a similar category (…) » – Pascal Mouton for Mototrends, 2021