Yes! Thanks to the EN17092 standard, bikers can now have a better idea of how a piece of protective equipment really performs. The CE marking label on each garment clearly indicates the level of protection it provides, whether A, AA or AAA. One might think that leather suits are the strongest garments out there, however some only reach level AA, despite their strong appearance. This means that somewhere in the testing, one element couldn’t reach the maximum level, whether it’s impact abrasion, traction, tear, burst and seam resistance. At Bowtex®, the design of our gear is dictated by the specific level of protection we want to achieve.
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The CE regulation EN17092 is here to guarantee that you are riding with the appropriate amount of protection depending on your use. Whether you are crossing countries or commuting in the city.

In reality, it’s a long and complex process that all manufacturers have to go through in collaboration with independent testing laboratories that test :

-Impact Abrasion with a Darmstadt machine

-Traction resistance (ASTM-D 5034-95)

-Tear resistance UNE EN ISO 4674-1 : 2004)

-Burst resistance (13595-3)

-Seam tension (BS-3320)

5 levels of protection

Class C
For garments that include impact protectors but offer no abrasion resistance (armored motocross shorts, etc.).

Class B
For garments that offer abrasion resistance but offer no impact protection.

Class A
For garments that offer both impact protection and abrasion resistance with very good freedom of movement (light pants, leggings, etc.).

Class AA
For garments that offer a good level of impact protection and abrasion resistance, while still offering decent freedom of movement (jeans, jackets, etc.).

Class AAA
For garments that offer the highest level of protection but with the most movement restriction (leather suits, hard textile garment, etc.).

The key is to find the balance between all those levels. At Bowtex®, we aim to offer the maximum level of protection WITH the best flexibility. That means, using the strongest fabrics, with a garment construction that fits the bill.


Some manufacturers promote very strong fabric, mentioning a slide distance and fabric resistance according to the new CE certification (A, AA, AAA) but often their gear are not fully certified: this mean only the fabric pass an abrasive test and not the equipment as a fully protective outfit. Aesthetically stitches made with thick and colorful thread look strong but will often tear during impact.

A fully certified gear display the CE AAA logo inside the garment (manufacturers will only show a CE logo if only the fabric is resistant) and has been tested for impact abrasion with a Darmstadt machine, traction resistance, tear resistance, burst resistance and seam tension!

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rides their motorcycle every 15 days
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of bikers have already crashed
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happened to 16% of bikers with 10 years of experience

Being only 2% of the traffic, motorcyclist represents 31% of the injured from the road.
Mandatory PPI (Personal protective Equipement) started with helmets and was extended to gloves.
EN17092 helps riders to be more aware about the true resistance of clothing without making them mandatory everywhere in EU.
source: www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr

3 Zones

The EN17092 regulation has divided the body into different zones.
-Zone 1 : Knees and hips for pants and elbows and shoulders for jackets. Where the impact protectors are located. This zone will like take the highest amount of damage at impact in case of a fall. -Zone 2 : Considered high risk zones like upper-thighs and buttocks. -Zone 3 : Considered low risk zones such as calves and the inside of the legs.

Above the norm

At Bowtex®, not only do we reach the required level of protection dictated by the regulation, we surpass it in every way. The STANDARD R achieves level AA certification with level AAA abrasion resistance on high risk areas.
AAA1120km/h≥ 50 N≥ 12 N/mm
275km/h≥ 50 N≥ 12 N/mm
345km/h≥ 35 N≥ 8 N/mm
AA170km/h≥ 40 N≥ 8 N/mm
245km/h≥ 40 N≥ 8 N/mm
325km/h≥ 30 N≥ 6 N/mm
A145km/h≥ 35 N≥ 6 N/mm
225km/h≥ 25 N≥ 6 N/mm
3/≥ 25 N≥ 4 N/mm
B145km/h≥ 35 N≥ 6 N/mm
225km/h≥ 25 N≥ 6 N/mm
3/≥ 25 N≥ 4 N/mm
C145km/h≥ 25 N≥ 6 N/mm
225km/h≥ 25 N≥ 6 N/mm
3/≥ 25 N≥ 4 N/mm

Always approved by an independant laboratory

CE Declaration of Conformity - Standard R

CE Declaration of Conformity - ESSENTIAL

CE Declaration of Conformity - STANDARD R SHIRT


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