Frequently Asked Questions

The Essential leggings are very stretchy. Therefore we suggest to do ONE SIZE DOWN compared to your jeans size for a perfect fit.
26-28 –> XS
28-30 –> S
30-32 –> M
32-34 –> L
34-36 –> XL
36-38 –> 2XL

Our Standard R Shirt is designed to be worn close to the skin. Select your normal shirt size (not jacket size) for a better fit.
In doubt, we recommend going one size down.
XS –> 35-36
S –> 37-38
M –> 39-40
L –> 41-42
XL –> 43-44
XXL –> 45-46

Size Guide based on your jean size.
26-28 –> XS
28-30 –> S
30-32 –> M
32-34 –> L
34-36 –> XL
36-38 –> 2XL


Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany: free shipping and exchange.

Rest of Europe + Switzerland: 9€ flat rate or 15€ depending on the country and free exchange.

Iceland: 20€ flat rate and free exchange.

USA: free shipping with USPS Priority Mail. Free pre-paid return shipping.

Canada: $30USD flat rate, return at the customer’s expense.

Absolutely! Our original design remain the same and your leggings is now CE Level AA. Nothing else has changed except the packaging, now displaying CE AA! Please note that in order to be CE Level AA, you must ride with hips and knees protectors (you can get your hips protectors here Sas-Tec HB2)

We only offer free returns within the EU and USA, provided that your Bowtex® leggings, pants or shirt are in brand new condition and in their original packaging. You can ask us for a free return slip by email within 14 days of purchase. 

For countries outside of the EU or USA, customers must send their purchase back at their own expense.

The knee protectors are best placed not too high on the legs since the pants or leggings will comme up when sitting on the bike. Make sure that top part of the protector is covering your knee cap when your legs are folded. It’s okay if they slide down slightly when standing up.

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Absolutely. Both the Essential and Standard R leggings are designed to allow for maximum airflow while riding. The Essential leggings are made with a blend of aramid and polyamide fibers that lets air flow through the fabric knitting. The Standard R offer exceptional riding comfort and breathability in summer thanks to it’s X-Panel construction. Wear it on its own during summer time or slide them under a pair of jeans or pants when the Celsius drops. The Standard R Shirt is made our high density polyamide in the front that allow air to flow through for a great compromise between safety and comfort.

You can wear them under any trousers, even slim jeans! The Bowtex® gear is slim and designed to be worn under your regular garments.
The 2021 collection has been entirely redesigned thanks to the numerous customer reviews we have received over the years. It is also CE certified by an independent laboratory. The new collection also comes with impact protectors already placed in. And as usual, we have drag-tested both the previous and the current collection!
The Bowtex® leggings are lighter than conventional motorcycle gear, they fold easily into a small backpack or in a helmet! Depending on the size, they weight between 700gr and 1kg protectors included.
Yes, we designed them for that! We use a unique High-Density-Polyamide fabric which is soft against the skin and keeps moisture away, just like a pair of high-end sports leggings.
The ESSENTIAL is best for the city, it delivers good breathability and has pleasant skin contact. It feels good even at low speed thank to the Coolmax® fabric. The STANDARD R is flexible, but not as much as the essential. This slightly rugged aspect is due to its increase of Dupont™ Kevlar® fabric. The STANDARD R also breathes well thanks to the unique X-panels construction, but to have incoming air, you will need to be on the move. This makes the STANDARD R the perfect companion on road trips: wear it on its own during summer and under any pair of trousers when the Celcius drops.
The Bowtex® gear is extremely versatile, you can wear them from the heat of the summer to the cold of a snowy winter, under a pair of weatherproof trousers for example. The STANDARD R is specifically designed to be worn on its own in the hottest days of the summer thanks to its unique X-panels construction that allows for maximum airflow in movement.
100% ! All our components are manufactured in Western Europe in countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, etc. The prototyping is done by us in Brussels and the main production is done in our atelier in Portugal. We usually ship directly from Brussels.
Of course you can wash your Bowtex®! Machine wash 30°C, light iron, line dry. To avoid discoloration, do not leave in direct sunlight. Don’t forget to remove the protectors before washing.
We choose breathability over water resistance: simply wear you rain gear over them!
Aramid fibers such as the one from Dupont™ Kevlar® is yellow in its “natural” form. We decided to keep it this way on the Essential leggings as this color makes them pop out! In any case, you are going to be wearing them under your trousers.
We prefer to meet riders in real life during meetings or shows. You can drop us an email on our contact page. We apologize in advance if we don’t answer your DM on Instagram: we have a lot of similar enquiries!
These things happens sometimes but don’t worry the Bowtex® leggings have a very stretchy front panel which makes it easy to pull them down 😉